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About Us

Trend Driving School is a registered Australian training organization. We provide quality and professional training for learner drivers. We are an ADTA Member. We have fully qualified Instructors.

Why Choose Us:

Trend driver trainers:

  • Provide professional driving tuition as an investment for a lifetime of safe motoring, equipping novice drivers with skills and awareness training enabling them to be better-prepared, competent, safe new drivers.
  • Have public liability and professional indemnity insurance cover.
  • Are sensitive to the needs of learners and have the training and ability to ensure that your own very special needs are met.
  • They have the job of not only preparing you for your driving test but ensuring that you learn to drive safely and responsibly.

Trend driver trainers will teach such things as:

  • Understanding and applying the Road Rules.
  • Hazard Awareness Techniques, including the ‘safety cushion’ and safe following distance in traffic which is critical in preventing the most common crashes.
  • Speed control and correct vehicle maneuvering techniques.
  • How to get the best out of the Logbook so that you can match your driving experience against the professional training you receive.
  • Learning to drive with the help of a professional driver trainer is a one-off cost and cheaper in the long run. Driving safely and responsibly will help keep your car insurance premiums to a minimum.