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Learn to drive safely with Trend Driving School

Trend Driving School is registered Australian training organization. We provide quality and professional training for the learner drivers in Automatic vehicles only. We are a proud member of an ADTA.

About Us

Why every learner Need a Professional Tuition?

  • Right combination of technical expertise and a framework for training
  • Minimum 120 hours experience necessary to comply with the Learner Logbook.
  • With a structured approach learners are safer, more competent drivers
  •  We are able to ensure that you don’t pick up bad habits and that you feel confident while driving.

Hassle Free Training

Most importantly, they can take the hassle out of the teaching process by providing a combination of independent, professional trainers and cars specially equipped for the teaching process. They can help overcome the problems that many parents feel when it comes learn to drive time.

Providing a stress-free, comfortable learning environment is important for young drivers and this is where Trend Professional Trainers can be of benefit.

Our Packages

  • What our clients say about us...

    John is a very calm and respectful and he always has a plethora of helpful tips and tricks to support the student. John was a massive help to me in my progress towards my P plates and a large factor in me passing my test. There were many things I didn't even know I had to know, and John helped me learn in an effective and friendly way.



  • What our clients say about us...

    John has been an excellent and patient instructor and thanks to him I was able to pass the test. Thanks for all the help!



  • What our clients say about us...

    Great instructor, easy to understand. Thanks to Trend driving school for all your help



  • What our clients say about us...

    *****John is an excellent instructor who is will to tell you the truth on whether or not you are doing it correctly. He is friendly and very helpful. 10/10 would try go with again.

    Brodie Walters


  • What our clients say about us...

    John has been an amazing instructor as he guided me through every lesson with patience and knowledge. He clearly demonstrates proficiency in his driving and passes it onto his students. His teaching style is very effective as he ensures that his students learn the proper techniques and methods not only so that they can pass the test but enables them to apply these methods to everyday driving. By doing so, his students can drive with confidence while being safe on the road. I definitely recommend future students to learn from John as he is a very encouraging and friendly instructor. He's determined in the sense that his students get the most out of each lesson and will not rush them and respects that everyone learns at their own pace. I'm glad to say that I'm satisfied with every lesson as I've learned a lot. Now I can drive equipped with the knowledge that I've gained from Trend Driving School. Thank you John! :)


    Sophia Francisco,
    Glenwood NSW

  • What our clients say about us...

    I recommend John for all learner drivers in order to achieve safe driving skills. I have had other instructors before, but none of them were able to exponentially improve my driving skills. He was calm and covered a wide range of skills mandatory for safe driving.  I owe my success all to him. What's more is that the price is totally affordable. Best of all, he is good at cracking jokes! Thank you John, and once again, I totally recommend Trend driving School.


    Jaison Rajan,
    Kellyville Ridge NSW

  • What our clients say about us...

    I just passed my driving test on the first go and would like to thank Trend Driving School.John is an excellent instructor. He is composed, relaxed and professional at the same time.Once again thank you John very much and GOD BLESS YOU.


    Kamel Barakat,
    Beaumont Hills NSW

  • What our clients say about us...

    I really enjoyed the lessons with John and found that all the information I gained was beneficial to my driving! Would definitely recommend Trend Driving School as a safe and comfortable learning environment to anyone interested in gaining experience. I am 100% more confident and definitely feel like a better driver since taking the lessons!


    Olivia Borg,
    Kellyville NSW